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We are happy to welcome you on our website of the first Kyiv cattery Miracle Touch*UA devoted to breathtakingly beautiful cat breed bearing mysterious name Sacred Birman.


In 2009 these cats fascinated us at first sight, and now we are eager to share this amazing discovery with you.


We were inspired to name our cattery “Miracle Touch” by the scene from enchanting legend about the breed origin, which explains incipience of birman cats’ hallmark: “… when Sinh’s paws touched sage Mun-Ha’s head, they miraculously turned snow-white as a sign of purity, sanctity and virginity of monk’s soul”. And, certainly, one feels something marvellous every time when touching tender coat of a Sacred Birman…


Our purpose is to breed healthy birmans of modern type with correct proportions, silky coat, bottomless deep-blue eyes and genuine sweet “birman look”.


We are registered in one of the oldest world felinology organizations FIFe (reg. No. CF UFU 0483) and hold membership in Kyiv club “Royal Feline”, Ukraine.


Please, feel free to contact us or visit our guestbook to find out more about us and our males and females, we do speak English.


Look forward to making new friends with Sacred Birman breed fanciers from all over the world, yours sincerely,


Olena and Yurii



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